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Makes no sense at all.

Makes no sense to fall.

Luke Goeblin
"Canadian" exchange student in America. No fruit for sale.


General History:
Luke is a goblin from the Disney Channel Original movie franchise: Halloweentown, a world magical creatures retreated to 1,000 years ago to escape human fear and persecution. There, they are able to live normal, if slightly goofy pun-filled lives, holding down jobs and raising their families. Travel between Halloweentown and Earth (or The Mortal World), originally only possible on October 31st and strictly regulated, is now possible year-round to most residents. When in The Mortal World, non-human creatures generally use magic to appear human for their own safety.

In human guise, Luke is an ordinary young man with strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, and a smattering of freckles across his nose.

In reality he is an ordinary goblin with a heavy, ridged forehead, a lack of eyebrows, a large hooked nose, long pointed ears, blue eyes, yellowish-gold skin, and a lot of uncontrollable bright red hair. In both forms he is just under six feet tall, and lean, but not skinny. As a goblin he has a tail, which he keeps hidden out of modesty. His clothes are always a little big on him. He's t-shirts and sneakers 24-7, and almost always has his hands in his pockets.

Personal History:
Luke is a normal guy in his early twenties. He likes all the things a normal guy in his twenties would like. He also just happens to be a goblin.

He is slowly becoming less insecure about his appearance, although he still has a long way to go. Luke is a changeling, and was abandoned as a baby. He does not know who his parents are. He went through a particularly awkward phase when he was younger, fell in with a bad crowd, and went through a bad, quasi-evil period. While he's gotten over that, and has grown into his facial features (as much as is goblin-ly possible), he does still suffer from a little mortal envy from time to time. Personality-wise he is fairly laid-back; any sarcasm is a defense mechanism. Any bravado is male posturing.

((Disclaimer: Luke is owned by Disney. I have no connection with them, or the actor in my icons. This is just for fun. I make no profit, nor intend no infringement of copyright. RP is welcome from any and all. Beep the mun: here!))
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